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Access Office Business Center’s virtual office packages are designed to be a cost-effective solution for start-ups, corporations that require a satellite or branch office, remote workers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs alike.  Businesses that are not ready to spend the capital investment, sign a long-term commitment, or take on the expense of a full-time office space or workplace for their business.

Simply put, virtual offices provide our clients with all of the physical resources of a shared office infrastructure, along with the administrative support and business class services companies require to remain competitive in today’s global economy.  This is offered at a fraction of the cost of leasing and staffing their own workspace.thailand 2113685 640

Virtual office plans allow you to remove your current home address from your business cards, marketing collateral, or website, and replace it with a top-tier professional address. This will ensure immediate credibility with your customers and future employees.

Onsite experienced and knowledgeable customer support representatives will receive and forward or digitally notify you of incoming mail or special postal services. With our state of the art technology infrastructure we can competently set up the multitude of voice answering services available to you, professionally answer your phone lines (in your companies name), and direct your calls, as instructed by you.

Due to Covid-19 and the current global pandemic, hosting a business meeting at your local coffee shop, public venue, or in your home is out of the question (this was never a good idea to start with). Our virtual plans enable our members to take advantage of our locations’ many meeting and conference rooms that respect all local health and safety guidelines. We’ve implemented strict protocols to help ensure the safety of our community members.  When Zoom meetings from home fall short and you need in-person meetings, having access to meeting and conference rooms with all of the digital equipment that is expected in today’s business environment is a must.

We will tailor a plan that fits your needs.  Our flexible and cost-effective options allow you to expand or reduce your company’s footprint as needed.  It will provide you with all of the physical assets of a regular office space, without the hassle of renegotiating or signing a long-term lease, for a fraction of the typical cost.

No matter where you work from in the world, your business has an efficient and professional home at Access Office Business Center.

We look forward to serving you!


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Access Office Business Center offers a modern, attractive, and comfortable work environment staffed by attentive, flexible staff. Our overarching policy is “Figure out what our clients find most helpful, and provide it. (Read our Google reviews for unbiased statements regarding the extent to which we do so!)”

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