This week we had our Election Day for the local city council and mayoral races. While walking to my voting site in the beautiful weather, I was contemplating the importance of your immediate environment and how feeling like you are somewhere that shares your values matters.

While not everyone has the same political views so there are more factors determining our political environment, when you are a freelancer or an individual looking for a coworking space, you have a lot more control of your working environment. You can decide which space you choose to be part of.

And your working environment can have a large effect on your satisfaction and success. Not only in terms of physical things like windows and private meeting rooms in a professional-looking space, but in terms of owners who are interested in your success and listening to your needs.

At Access Office Business Center, we’ve long been big supporters of the local community and introducing newcomers to why we love it. We are happy to share our recommendations for a restaurant or golf course or park because we live here and we appreciate the many wonderful things about our area.

Not every business center is like this – many owners are not even in the same state as the center, much less the same building. Though many centers claim to be trying to create a community, make sure what they focus on is what you value too.

We created this office space to meet a community need and continue to expand and adjust based on community input and feedback. We pride ourselves on working with you to fit your needs – whether that’s a meeting space for a day-long retreat, virtual office services to help field phone calls for your growing business, or a short-term furnished office space rental. 

What kind of office environment are you looking for? Come visit us today and tell us more about your business needs. In addition to the basics, we strive to go above and beyond with our community-focused approach to coworking.



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