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As many people are doing at the beginning of this new year (and new decade!), I have been reflecting on what has changed and how that affects my priorities.

The city I live in has had ongoing major change as new people move here on a daily basis. The street I live on has had many houses go and many more built anew. The house I live in has added a new family member.

I personally went through a decade of career changes and getting married and having a child. All of which altered my priorities and thoughts on success. 

Though there are plenty of articles out there touting how you can ‘have it all’, there is a limited amount of time in the day and we do have to choose what to do with our time. Ultimately, we have to choose our priorities.

Defining your priorities and being honest about them with yourself and others can both relieve the feeling that you are missing out and the feeling that you are disappointing others. It can also help you focus more on your business and what you define as success.

Here is a great guide to start thinking about that more deeply: Figuring Out What Success Really Means to You.

“If we’re not fulfilling our purpose, how can our successes truly matter? Why will we care about these achievements once the glow has faded?” – from a great TEDx talk by Tanveer Naseer

At Access Office Business Center, we are here to help you work toward your definition of success and find your purpose. Our variable lease terms and multitude of administrative and office support functions enable you to spend time working on your bigger picture while we focus on the smaller stuff.

Success is often a journey, not a destination, so we know your needs may change throughout your time as a business owner. From our virtual office solutions to meeting room rentals to executive office space, we have the flexibility to innovate and grow along with your business.


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