Last month my husband and I experienced an ongoing saga with our washer and dryer that boiled down to one thing in particular – terrible communication.

In a nutshell, the company we bought it from outsourced everything – from delivery to customer service – so it took many different irritated phone calls and almost an entire month for us to get a working washer and dryer installed at our house.

This would be aggravating for anyone to experience, but for us it was incomprehensible because we have a one year old in cloth diapers and this meant we had to go to the laundromat almost every other day while we waited for the company to fix the problem.

If they’d been actively working to resolve the problem or honestly apologetic or even empathetic at all, perhaps I would have understood. Instead they made us feel unimportant and even bothersome.

Have you ever had this happen to you? How would you feel if that was your experience with your coworking space? Isn’t it agonizing when you can’t just get someone on the phone to help fix the problem?

When you’re investing money and time into a company – whether it’s an appliance or an office space – you expect a certain level of customer service. And you deserve that!

“Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.” — Benjamin E Mayes

As coworking becomes more and more of a trend, companies start focusing more on growth and building outward instead of investing inward, in maintaining their existing customers. Why would you choose to spend your money with a company that doesn’t seem to value that investment in return?

At Access, we pride ourselves on being hands-on and available to meet your needs. We value the local community and want to ensure you and your clients feel welcomed every day in our space.

Not only that, but we consider your success important to our success – your referrals and testimonials are the best marketing for us too. We enjoy seeing our customers grow and reach their goals and want to provide the best space for you to do that.

Perks like ping pong tables and free beer can be fun, but ultimately isn’t one of the benefits of a coworking space to alleviate the stress of managing your own office space? So next time you are looking to reserve a meeting room for a client presentation or rent an individual office (with a window!) for your business, make sure you consider the ease of communicating with the ownership team and how invested they are in your future.


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