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A New Office Solution

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic revealed clearly the need for businesses to be nimble. Flipping the switch to remote work needs to be intuitive and efficient.
Whether for reasons relating to disaster recovery, pandemic, or simply a business need to work remotely, a virtual office from Access provides many of the comforts and conveniences of a traditional office without the associated overhead. Both small businesses searching for an office home or alternative ways to work and larger companies looking for a location to expand their services can benefit from such an arrangement. A virtual office provides you with the stability of an attractive, professional business address whether you work from home or travel the globe on business!
Maintaining the flexibility that allows you to stay ahead of your competition is imperative. Virtual offices give you the option of working from almost anywhere, without restricting yourself to the confines of conventional office space. Advances in communication and information technology have made the attractiveness of operating your business in a virtual office space a reality.
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Advantages to Virtual Offices

Virtual office value is created by avoiding conventional office setup expenses such as upfitting your lobby; furnishing your offices, conference, and meeting rooms; purchasing office space equipment including a phone system, copier and high-speed internet infrastructure; or staffing your front desk. Utilizing virtual office space allows you to avoid the significant out-of-pocket initial and ongoing overhead costs typically associated with renting or purchasing traditional office space.

Other advantages include:

Virtual Office Services and Amenities

Start-up businesses and small entrepreneurs in particular will derive maximum benefit from renting a virtual office space. The limited budget of a small but growing business can be devoted almost entirely to improving products and services rather than tying up capital on expensive office space, office equipment, and administrative staffing. A virtual office offers the flexibility of expanding services as the business grows by adding amenities including additional phone lines.

We are pleased to tailor VO packages to the precise needs of our clients, whether they need mail and package receipt; phone answering; office and conference room use; or anything in between!


Virtual offices include all of the vital amenities of renting an actual office space, while also allowing your growing business to minimize overhead.


At Access Office Business Center, let us design a customized virtual office package for your growing business that includes any or all of the following:

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